Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare

Mission Statement

Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare (3CW) is dedicated to the idea that dogs are lifelong companions who deserve love, respect, and concern for their health and welfare. Our focus is on the treatment of dogs bred and sold by dog producers motivated solely by profit. We believe that these operations are inherently abusive and operate under the paradigm that dogs are a commodity. Our mission is to end the abuse that is perpetuated by the existence of these unethical dog producers.


  1. Education
    • We aim to educate the dog-buying public, legislators, and the media about dog mistreatment at unethical dog producer operations and its connection to pet stores, internet puppy sales and “parking-lot” puppy sales.
  2. Oversight and Research
    • We aim to identify unethical dog producers and sellers in Colorado, research their inspection history and work with regulatory agencies such as PACFA and USDA to encourage strict and consistent enforcement of rules with clear progressive disciplinary steps to force compliance. Further we intend to encourage involvement of local law enforcement in urgent and/or criminal animal cruelty matters at licensed operations.
  3. Policy Change
    • We aim to create and support policies, rules and statutes that improve the welfare of dogs in dog producer operations. We will communicate with the general public, lawmakers, stakeholders and media to encourage these improvements.

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